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ITIC - ISCTE Trading & Investment Club is a non-profit student organization of ISCTE Business School, who promotes training and research in Finance and Investment. The club intends to train the best professionals in the industry and promoting our analysts by their commitment to producing useful and truthful information and analysis based on excellence.
Also, ITIC members are part of the elite students of IBS who are specialized in Equity Research
, Macroeconomics Research, Market Research, Risk Analysis, and Asset Management.


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New Released Content

Equity Report


Wondering if Nvidia is a buy? 

On our latest Equity Report, our financial analysts show you everything you need to know about this top growth stock and its semiconductor industry. 

Financial Newsletter

October and November, 2020

The uncertainties did not fade and in this 20th edition of our Financial Newsletter, covering October and November, we continue to highlight this fragile time caused by the second wave of COVID-19.

Moreover, explore how the stock markets were influenced by the latest months and read our analysis of McAfee on the IPO of the month section.

Economic Outlook

2020, Last Quarter

This Economic Outlook takes a look at the last quarter of this year and that will inform you of all the important projections for the next three years, taking into account unemployment, inflation, and GDP growth.

Industry Outlook


In the past years, technology has grown in numbers we could never think of, making the digitalization of that much data and its security a reality.

With this industry outlook, we aim to inform you about this growing industry, which many people only started seeing its value since the Covid-19 pandemic.

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