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ITIC - ISCTE Trading & Investment Club is a non-profit student organization of ISCTE Business School, who promotes training and research in Finance and Investment. The club intends to train the best professionals in the industry and promoting our analysts by their commitment to producing useful and truthful information and analysis based on excellence.
Also, ITIC members are part of the elite students of IBS who are specialized in Equity Research
, Macroeconomics Research, Market Research, Risk Analysis, and Asset Management.


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Equity Report

3M Company

The 3M Co is an American multinational conglomerate corporation in the producer manufacturing industry producing more than 60,000 products under quite a few brands such as Scotch, Post-it, and Nexcare to name a few.

Now, with the the spread of COVID-19, 3M faces the two sides of the coin.

Financial Newsletter

April 2020

The humanity is focused on tackling the outbreak of COVID-19 and mitigate the effect of this pandemic.

This “fat-tailed” event, with no perfect solution so far makes us wonder if decision-makers will give more weight to the economical or humanitarian side of the equation.

Economic Outlook


Worldwide, the energy industry is suffering tremendous changes. Energy demand is rapidly increasing and cracks in the traditional model of extracting and distributing energy are starting to be exposed. Renewable energy sources are appearing to be the solution and countries started to provide funding for renewable energy projects.

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