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Copyright reform in the EU: Articles 11 and 13

Tomás Martins | 13.01.2019

"Over the last months the Internet has been in uproar with the so called 'Article 13' and its
possible negative implications to consumers and content creators of major online platforms. But in reality, what are the implications of this proposal and how is it expected to change the way online platforms work?" 

United States of Am...Europe

Ana Tostão | 08.01.2018

"Maybe you have already heard about the “United States of Europe”. But where did this idea come from? Who supports it? What does it even mean?"

Tesla Motors

Gonçalo Ormonde | 22.04.2018

"What is causing so much controversy in Tesla, that is making shareholders and investors being constantly afraid of investing?"

Which future for the Catalan independence process?

Pedro Diogo | 08.01.2018

"The year of 2017, in terms of political events, was marked by the Catalan independentist process that culminated with the October 1th referendum on independence and on the regional elections of December 21st. The referendum and the regional elections for the Parliament revealed a divided society between one group that wants Catalonia to stay as part of Spain and another that seeks the independence from Spain."

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