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   From the early days, ITIC's goal was to build a place where students of ISCTE Business School passionate about Finance and Investment could get the necessary tools to achieve great success in the highly competitive and ever-changing Finance Industry.

   This mission was maintained throughout the years and now more than ever, ITIC has become one of the best places in Portugal to develop those skills.

   In order to achieve this mission, we focus on 3 main areas: Asset Management, Research and Quantitative Strategies.


   The main pillar of the club is Asset Management, the department that puts the best talent and all the available knowledge to create fund performance that challenges the best funds in the world.


  Research is the backbone of the club and is responsible for providing the best research and analyses on equity, macro and micro economic factors as well as the emerging crypto markets.


   While Quantitative Strategies uses the latest technology in order to find the best ways of creating alpha as well as using the latest tech to facilitate the management of assets.

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   In addition to the main areas, we also have auxiliary departments such as Marketing, Human Resources as well as External Relations.


   All of these departments allow us to run the club as effectively as possible as well as being able to foster our image within the Financial field and give the members the best opportunities to get to know the vast financial field from the insiders and long time professionals.

  By striving to be the best we foster the culture of excellence, requiring members to take a lot of responsibility and accountability for their actions. While every student of IBS can have a chance to get into ITIC, inside the club every member will have an equal chance to prove their worth.  


   Meritocracy is a big priority of the club. That means that any members that show that they are up to the task can get some of the best opportunities to apply the theory into practice and run our fund, make industry class analyses, develop state of art software, participate in international competitions and much more.

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Ruslan Pushkar

       Since 2017, ITIC has been providing its members with the best hands on experience when it comes to the financial markets. Today ITIC is one of the best places in Portugal to get the necessary tools to achieve great success in the highly competitive and ever-changing industry.

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Ruslan Pushkar, President of ITIC




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