The Club

Since its early days, ITIC has always been committed to provide its members with the needed tools to achieve successful careers in the highly competitive and ever-changing Finance Industry. Our members are top students from ISCTE Business School (IBS), all sharing the same passion and enthusiasm about Finance & Investment.


Year over year, this project has gained more and more importance due to the growing position of excellence of our university in the world rankings. In 2018, IBS was ranked by the Financial Times as the 63rd best European Business School, right after it entered the ranking in the previous year in the position #80. And it also has its MSc in Finance ranked #27, in the FT MSc in Finance Ranking 2018.


Collaboration between ITIC and ISCTE Business School is one of the key elements in straightening the international competitive positioning of IBS, since the creation of the club in 2017. It enabled our Alumni to start pursuing national and international careers in renowned Financial Institutions.


Currently, we operate with a project-based methodology. Meaning that once our new members conclude their training classes, they’ll be allocated into different group projects inside their chosen department. This methodology will allow them to participate in different types of projects and learn a vast amount of fundamental topics of our target industries. Our research papers are mainly Financial Newsletters, Equity Reports and Economic Outlooks. In the Asset Management department, the focus is in managing our own fictitious portfolio of financial assets with a goal of achieving the maximum return per unit of risk. This year, ITIC will also re-open its Marketing Department. This auxiliary department will be of great importance to accomplish the club’s main goals and to provide marketing-related students, that are interested in the finance field, a way to learn how to promote financial content and its respective financial institution.


Furthermore, the multitude of degrees within our club allows each member to gain insight on how to provide an analysis in different perspectives – whether it is from an Economic, Financial or Managerial point of view.


With our strategic pillars in motion, we strive to create a culture of excellence. Allowing our members to create and improve the quality of their research content, providing them with internal classes, business trips and networking possibilities that will enable them to start a career at Investment Banking, Wealth/Asset Management, Financial Consulting or Sales & Trading. This previous year, we attended the UCL Finance Conference, in London, where there was gathered top students from the best Business Schools worldwide and top senior speakers from the most prestigious firms such as BlackRock, Citi and JP Morgan. And in our Lisbon Business Trip, we attended Bankinter Asset Management, Millennium BCP Investment Bank and the trading division of Banco Carregosa. These activities will remain, as they have a powerful effect upon the value that our club provides to IBS students.


Nowadays, we have more than 30 active members and Alumni. It is a target of ours to grow the club’s reputation inside the university campus and in the finance sector. Therefore, this number will continue to grow as we are successfully increasing the value and excellence of the “ITIC” brand.


In the long-run, our vision is that one of which ITIC Alumni are shaping the financial industry. Contributing in such a way that helps the industry to better adjust to change: such as the growing use of AI and its derived products; climate change; and the changing macroeconomic period that we are currently facing. And that all Finance & Investment passionate students, from IBS, may have the possibility of joining ITIC, which will grant them the opportunity of having great careers in front of them.   


Letter to Our Partners. 


Fábio Maltêz,





Tiago Borges
Rodrigo Felício
Francisco Semedo
João Seixo
Gonçalo Custódio
Fábio Zeferino
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